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    Simple But Powerful Monitoring System

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  • Unlimited Web Sites

    Unlimited Web Sites Addition

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  • Port Monitoring

    Monitor http, smtp, mysql or any other port.

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All features regarding monitoring site is provided here

Unlimited Web Sites

Monitor unlimited web sites under single control panel, there is no limit for website addition.

Email Alerts

Get email alert whenever your web site gets down, Our monitoring system keeps checking your web sites for Uptime every minute.

Port Monitor

Add alerts for various ports, including HTTP, SMTP, MYSQL or any custom port.

View Logs

Keep track of your downtimes with our simple but powerful logging system. Logs are archived in database.

Monitor Operation

Operate all your websites by performing different operations like addition, updation and deletion.

SMS Alert

Keep track of your website with our new feature of SMS alert that is coming really soon to facilitate all the customers.


You can monitor your site with our simple but powerful monitoring system that monitors all your added web sites and ports and enable you to check your logs.

Control Panel

We are providing our customers user friendly and simple control panel that enables you to mangae things like logs, ports, web sites etc.

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Our stats on different sites are

Monitor.pk is a monitoring website where your all problems regarding web sites, email, ports, logs, status and monitoring can be performed and it is a high ranking site among all other monitoring sites.

Our purpose is to satisfy our customers by providing them complete guidance and suggestions that is best suited for their company or site. So we are welcoming you in the world of monitoring which enhances your site security, privacy and performance and assures you better server management with the provision of user friendly control panel/dashboard to manage your sites.

  • Port Monitoring 90%
  • Unlimited Web Sites 75%
  • E-mail Alerts 68%
  • Logs 95%

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Monitor.pk is a monitoring website where your all queries regarding your web sites, email, ports, logs, status and monitoring can be performed at one place at one platform.

Monitor.pk provides many features that includes unlimited web sites addition, free email alerts, monitoring ports (http,smtp,mysql or any other port), viewing recent logs information, add/edit/removal of monitors, 1 minute interval of status check, simple but powerful monitoring system, user friendly and simple control panel.

  • Phone: 051-234-4314
  • Email: contact[at]monitor.pk
  • Address: Office# 4-A, 3rd Floor, Yasin Plaza, 74W Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan